Project Development

The team members of Sunrock Investments have developed over 80 MWp (EUR 200M asset value) of solar energy projects in several countries throughout Europe. Through the SDE+ subsidy from the National Office of Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO) and other governmental subsidies in the EU in order to meet 2020 climate and renewable energy goals, Sunrock Investments is developing new large-scale solar projects on land as well as business rooftops.

Due to the current trend of falling solar installation costs, solar projects may in some cases be developed by Sunrock Investments without using subsidies. By entering into long-term power sales contracts with utilities and local customers, these solar projects are feasible for development around 2017 – 2019.


Solar projects developed

1,400,000 M^2

Of solar developments

200 Million

Total investment asset value

Development services

Project Finance

Sunrock Investments longstanding track record with developing, structuring, financing, managing, and exploiting solar projects has given us the knowledge to properly tackle all the financial ramifications revolving around solar acquisitions. Due to our deep understanding of the solar industry, we assist our clients in selecting the most appropriate and suitable financing options. We have a broad network that can provide equity and debt project finance for solar investments.
Sunrock Investments advises in the optimal financial structure. Sunrock Investments has been involved with a wide range of financial remodeling issues and therefore can accommodate any specific requests for solar asset finance.

Tax Credits and Government Grants

In order to maximize your return on investment, Sunrock Investments conducts a meticulous and rigorous search for tax breaks and government incentives such as subsidies according to the geographical location of implementation. Commonly within the renewable energy industry; governments will grant tax credits, tax deductibles, tax incentives, etc. for companies that are involved with solar projects. Optimal structuring is essential to utilize all available tax incentives to the fullest extent. Sunrock Investments strives to pinpoint these economical opportunities that can facilitate the implementation process. Sunrock Investment is always at the forefront of identifying new government grants/incentives across Europe in order to alleviate the financial responsibilities.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Sunrock Investments provides financial, technical and legal due diligence for risk mitigating purposes. Through our project development, asset finance and transaction experience and practice we know what aspects to look for in our due diligence and how to assess project risks. This generates sustainable and long-term stable cash flows from operating assets.

M&A Due Diligence

Providing M&A due diligence services to comprehensively analyze the target company’s pertinent financial, operational technical and legal information in order to determine if the investment opportunity is financially viable. Years of experience has given us the leverage to properly analyze the input and parameters of a long term profitable business case and make a sound investment decision based on this information.

Technical Due Diligence

Sunrock Investments works with experienced technical engineers who conduct meticulous diagnostic tests in order to determine possible defects that can infringe upon the targeted output. Thereafter, Sunrock Investments applies a diligent maintenance surveillance system allowing us to ensure optimal availability and performance . Optimal technical operating solar plants and sustainable long term operation and maintenance are essential for optimizing investor return. Preliminary measures to conduct an in depth analysis in order to identify substandard functioning of the solar project is a key element in the acquisition process.

Legal Due Diligence

In any transaction, managing and analyzing the quality and accuracy of information is essential to a successful outcome of the deal. In the case of legal due diligence, it is important to prepare the business for a forthcoming transaction by having all relevant and material company and legal information in a structured digital data room environment, undertaking a timely Q&A process, having support from the proper legal, fiscal and tax reports, and underpinning market and technology-related content. To form a clear view on the full potential of the acquisition associated risks and success factors, and proper valuation for further negotiations and go/no-go decision making.

New Business Development

New Business Development

Almost all of currently existing solar projects have been built and financed based on national subsidy schemes and/or tax incentives.

Due to market circumstances, subsidy schemes have decreased significantly. As a result of huge investments in solar energy, the turn-key installation price has dropped remarkably allowing future project development without subsidy based on long term PPA (Power Purchase Agreements).

Sunrock Investments provides an array of developmental services ranging from sourcing to the implementation of the solar including site development, structuring, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and management.

Sunrock Investments team consists of solar energy specialists, investors, and financing professionals. Due to our deep understanding of the solar industry, we advise project developers, investors, service companies, contractors and other companies to select the most appropriate and suitable financing options for new business development eg.

1. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
2. Solar Lease

1. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA is a financial arrangement giving the opportunity to enterprises and government entities to buy solar electricity with no initial capital expense. A PPA is a contract between a ‘developer’ who owns, utilizes, and maintains the PV project, and the ‘off taker’ delivers a designated location for the solar installation such as an unutilized rooftop. Additionally, the off taker agrees to purchase the energy output from the developer at a fixed price for a prearranged time period. The developer pays for all the installations costs and is held responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project.

A properly arranged solar PPA allows the off taker to slash down their energy expenses drastically and notice long-term savings as current grid-electricity prices continue to increase. The off taker can create a sustainable image without investing in the solar asset.

2. Solar Lease
A solar lease allows companies to produce solar power on their property with no or minimal upfront investment. Similar to standard leasing models, a solar lease allows a company to rent the solar equipment against a monthly remittance. You can benefit from this model since you produce your own energy, thus minimizing your overall utility bill. By using a more affordable clean energy source than the current electricity grid costs and not purchasing the solar equipment, this can be one of the most viable options for companies seeking short and long-term profits and building a sustainable company profile without making large non-core activity investments.

Projects currently under development

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